Have you heard? Tiny Prints is offering 50 free cards this holiday season! Merry Christmas to me!

They've got pretty cute cards, check out their card line up. I'm going crazy just browsing through them trying to decide what to do for our family cards this year! I mean look at these:

So, so cute. Tiny Prints also offers photo books easy and simple to create. (Bonus: they also have a deal right now when you buy one book, you get any others 50% off. Sweet!)

You can get in on this deal too. Just blog about Tiny Prints and their adorable holiday cards, and they send you 50 cards, complimentary. If you want to get in on Tiny Prints craze and get 50 FREE Holiday/Christmas. There is a little form to fill out here and voila! They'll tell you what to do from there.

Happy Holidays!


I'm getting 50 free Christmas Cards from Shutterfly and so should you!!!

Lets just say we are sooooo excited for Christmas this year at the White home. Our kids are at the perfect age and are so excited for this Christmas season, and so are Skylar and I. I LOVE getting Christmas cards from loved ones, love the shopping, the food, the weather, the stress and everything else that comes along with Christmas. Along with the excitement of Christmas I love that we get a new family picture taken every year to put on a Christmas card and send them out to friends and family and wish them Happy Holidays. I have been shopping around for the perfect Christmas card to send out and have visited shutterfly.com many times and I love the bright colors and designs on so many of their Christmas cards. They look so cute with black and white photos, or color photos which I love! I also love the cards that take place of those long Christmas letters. Some have places to list your favorite things of the year and others have space to write a short note to update family and friends on your year- and to make it even better shutterfly is offering 50 free holiday/Christmas cards to bloggers! What an awesome deal- super cute cards and for FREE! Can't beat that! I have had so much fun looking at their website this year and picking out some of my favorite cards! There are quite a few cards that I love...now the problem is I just can't decide which one to use. Here is a favorite of mine.

There are so many fun things to look at and they offer so much more than just Christmas cards. They offer things for year round. Go check them out!

For photo Christmas cards go Here

For Desk Calendars go Here

For Personalized Mugs go Here

If you want to get in on Shutterfly's craze and get 50 FREE Holiday/Christmas cards go Here


Boston's photo shoot

This is when he was a little younger. I am just such a bad blogger that I had to post them now. All I blog about is Boston, but he is my life now! He makes us so happy and brings us so much joy! When I would hear people say that there baby made them so happy before I had a baby I thought "Well, duh!" but you never really understand it until you have a baby of your own. Boston, We love you!


During the day when I'm right by Boston, I will let him sleep on his belly because he sleeps better. I have to watch him very close because this is what he loves to do. Smash his face right into the ground! Little stinker!

Some of Boston's favorite things to do!

Boston loves outside. Just like every other kid I'm sure. When we go outside, he whips his head around so fast trying to see everything that I think he's going to get whiplash.
He loves going for walks in his stroller. Again he just looks around and talks and grins. He loves it and I love taking him.
This toy I got from a friend at a shower. He loves to play with it. He hits the toys and loves the sounds that it makes!
Boston loves to sit in the rocking chair with his Daddy. Not to mention the other thing that he is doing! EATING!! He definitely fits in the family because he loves to eat. We love this little guy so much!

Finally! We found a truck!

It is a Ford F-150. We wanted a white one, but I guess that silver is close enough. I don't know what Skylar is more proud of. The truck or Boston!


This is how Boston has spent pretty much two weeks, I swear. We had been truck shopping. We went from Preston Idaho clear down to Provo. And I'm pretty sure we stopped at every car dealership in between. It was not fun. Skylar has been pretty picky with what he wants, which is fine, but we drug poor little Boston every where we went. You can tell by the last picture that he is starting to get annoyed. Cute boy!

Boston Baby Blessing

Baby Boston in his Blessing outfit. I know it was probably a little warm for a full body sweater, but I just couldn't pass it up. And it came with a matching beanie but we didn't put him through that.
The proud parents! Skylar gave Boston his name and blessing. It was very nice!
We thought this was kind of neat. All four sets of great grandparents are alive and were able to make it to the special day! From left to right: G&G Christensen, G&G Weese, Boston, G&G Bywater, G&G White



Here is Boston. He will be 3 months old here soon. It is crazy how time flies!

Going Home!

They made us stay two nights at the Logan Hospital. We were so ready to go home.

Carseat Check

Since Boston was early they made him pass a carseat check to make sure that his oxygen level stayed above normal. He passed! So we got to take him home!

Baby Boy White

It is too bright out here!

Here are Boston's stats. Pretty good considering he was almost 4 weeks early. I think the date was miscalculated but the Doctor says no.

Baby Boy White still didn't have a name at this point.

New Blogger

K so we are going to try out the blogging world. Please be patient with us as we learn what we are doing. Shauna is teaching us so hopefully we will be up and running quick!